1.Goldendisk high Connector Gold Index:15μ 2.better Corrosion Resistance and Ductibility 3.Connector Lifetime is Longer 4.Higher Cost
1.Low Gold Index:3μ 2.Worse Corrosion Resistance and Ductibility 3.Connector Lifetime is Shorter 4.Lower Cost
Regardless of Shell Thickness and Hardness, Goldendisk CNC Shell is Stronger than Casting Shell High advantage of Beauty Free Feeling of Non Crack between Interface and Shell Fine Workmanship
Integrated Molding Shell Hardness is not Enough and Easy to Deformation Worse Beauty Big Crack between Shell and Interface Less Workmanship
Goldendisk Solemn Pledge: All Goldendisk SSDs Adopt 100% Original Samsung,Intel,Micron,Toshiba NAND Flashes. Commercial SSDs Lifetime:2500P/E~3500P/E Industrial SSDs Lifetime:50000P/E~70000P/E
Non-original Flashes or Used Flashes Lifetime 500P/E-1000P/E,most are used for USB Flash Drives,that easy to get Bad Block. With Bad continue to increase,SSDs are easy short life,DATA Lost,FW Lost,etc
Goldendisk Wide Temp Military SSD all Adopt Hypestone A2 Controller with Most Higher Stability,Industrial SSD Adopt SMI Wide Temp Controller with ECC 72bits/1KByte
Currently Controller in the Market is not Wide Temp one,and Flash Support Line is limited
Goldendisk Industrial SSD Write Waveform:range is Small,Smooth
Some Famous Brand SSD Write Waveform:range is large,and signal is unstable
Eye Diagram
Goldendisk Industrial SSDs’ Eye Diagram Test Shot: SATA signal no Attenuation and no Interference,close to Perfect. While working, Goldendisk SSD does not appear to unable boot or Loss FW,etc.
Some Famous Brand SSD Eye Diagram Test Shot: SATA Signal Attenuation and Interference,appear Unable Reboot and Loss FW.etc
Goldendisk Industrial SSD support Lifetime Testing,Check SSD FW version,Power On-Off times,Cache,Lifetime,etc
Currently there is no Lifetime Testing Software in the market
Goldendisk SSDs all Support 3 years Warranty(Free exchange Newer) and 5 years Re-length warranty(some fee based on exchanging Accessories).Provide New SSD first for customer to replace Bad one,All SSD
Some Famous Brand Adopt that Customer send Bad SSDs first and then repair and resend to customer,and only 1 year warranty
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What kind of file system is the most suitable for solid state drive?

The various file systems are not optimized for solid-state drives. The computer industry took decades to optimize the storage of the rotating magnetic medium, but the emergence of solid state hard...

When the solid state hard drive is full, the performance will drop?

Very good question. For solid state hard drive, the performance and storage of the number of data is not related to. No matter absolutely empty or close to full, loss of balance management algorithm f

Solid state hard disk support hot swap it?

No problem, fully supports the SATA specification definition of hot swap function.